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Welcome to Open Teams, the open source hub for learning about self-management in practice, in health, care and public services.

About Open Teams

Wellbeing Teams started supporting people in 2017. We have been learning about self-management in practice, and we have made some good progress and plenty of mistakes too. As we started it would have really helped us to see how other self-managing organisations were working, in the detail of their policies and processes. We want to be radically transparent and share what we are doing, and we have invited leading organisations in health, care and public services to join us and share their work. For each organisation this is work in progress, not perfect, offered to help others who want to transform through distributed leadership and self-management, being purpose-driven and bringing the whole self to work.

Supported by The RSA, we are joining with our friends at Enspiral we offer this invitation:

“Our invitation is to copy the patterns, processes and ideas that make sense to you. We want to support you to test them and improve them within your own context. We encourage you to share learnings and improvements openly.”
Better Work Together, by The Enspiral Foundation

Let’s work out the future of work, health and care, by working together.

Choose a topic to explore resources:

Values, purpose and promises

How we work with people we support

How we work as self-managing teams

Recruiting people and supporting them to flourish

Storytelling, comms and marketing

Quality, improvement and evaluation

Learning and development

Information from other organisations

Contributing organisations

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Join our learning community to explore how to use, test and develop these materials and connect with others interested in self-management in health, care and public services.

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