Compassion is one of our core values, and, as such, it’s central to everything we do.
We look for people who demonstrate compassion in our recruitment workshop, and then we embed compassionate thinking and practice in our training and coaching; so we can build more compassion into the way we work in our communities.
This month we’re being supported to develop compassion further with the help of Shannon Weber, founder of and creator of ‘Love Notes’; as well as our partners at Making Space. And, because we’re sharing what we’re doing, you can be part of it too!
We’ll be building up to a workshop on compassion with Collaborate Out Loud and Shannon Weber in Bolton on 12 July, which you can sign up for on Eventbrite.

Our CEO Helen with the CEO of our partners at Making Space, Rachel

The 30 Day Love Note Challenge
For 30 days over June and July, we are committing to take an action a day from Shannon’s 30 Day Love Note Challenge calendar. These are all ways to express gratitude and spread joy amongst our own communities, and ultimately create 30 days of special moments for the people who receive them (and those of us who give them, too!).
What we love about this challenge is its simplicity and its immediacy. In the first couple of days, people who have received a note have already been expressing their joy and gratitude. As an organisation this serves as an effective reminder of why sharing your genuine appreciation for something somebody has done for you is a generous and compassionate act.

Want to take part? Just print and follow the calendar, or follow the prompts on Instagram or Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you start a few days after we have, as the effect will be just as powerful. Please share your progress on Twitter, using the hashtag #30LoveNotes or by mentioning us @wellbeingteams.
Want to learn more about compassion in action?
Keep up-to-date with what we are doing to support compassion in the workplace by following us on Twitter @wellbeingteams, where you can also learn about what Shannon is doing @LoveYou2org or learn about the challenge at on Shannon’s website.
Finally, you can join us for our workshop on compassion on 12 July, held in Bolton. This is going to be run in partnership with Collaborate Out Loud and Shannon Weber in Bolton on 12 July, and you can sign up on Eventbrite.
If you’re interested in learning more about Wellbeing Teams principles as a whole, including how we bring compassion to the workplace, you might be interested in our Future Leaders programme.