Prefer to listen to Becky’s story? Here her talking to our CEO, Helen, here:

From an unfulfilling job where she wasn’t treated well, to feeling happier and like she’s making a difference – this is Becky’s story.

Becky is a Wellbeing Worker in Ashton, and is 22 years old. She joined Wellbeing Teams in 2018, after leaving a previous job as a picker and van driver for a distribution agency. She started this role after studying Religion and Theology at York St. John’s University.

When Becky graduated, she was interested in getting into pastoral care; but she knew that she needed to gain experience in the care and support sector. She started doing this on a voluntary basis, but needed to get a paid job to support herself too; which is how she ended up working at the distribution agency, where she worked for over a year.

Becky’s experience at the distribution agency was ‘OK’ to begin with, but over time she found that her wellbeing wasn’t important to her company or managers. A lack of flexibility meant that she was not well-supported to care for her grandfather when he was unwell, and was initially denied permission to attend his funeral after he passed away. To get the time off, Becky had to threaten to hand in her notice.

Becky described her role at the distribution agency as miserable, underpaid, and not enjoyable.

At Wellbeing Teams, Becky has had a different experience altogether. As part of the 10 promises we make to our team members, Becky knows that she has flexibility, new ways to to solve problems as a team, and opportunities to gain the experience she needs to move her career forward.

She says, “It’s nice to know there are prospects and I’m not stuck in a dead end, there are opportunities to develop myself. I’m much happier, it’s much more enjoyable, and I feel like I’m actually making a difference.”

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