As any parent knows, parenting is as demanding as it is rewarding.

As a single mum with three children, Shirley had struggled to find a role that she could fully commit to whilst also having the flexibility to look after her family’s needs.

After Shirley’s youngest son started school, Shirley decided to take the opportunity to look for work again. Although she had worked in care before, she hadn’t been able to find a new role that she could fit alongside her other responsibilities.

When she heard about Wellbeing Teams, though, things were different. She told us:

“I liked Wellbeing Teams because they were willing to help single parents, and they worked with me to find hours that suited me.”

Being part of a self-organising team really suits Shirley. It means that she has a balance of structure and the space to be creative, which is one of the 10 Promises we make to our team.

Shirley told us:

“I feel like I’m my own boss. I can work independently, and I feel like my ideas matter. It’s nice to feel like you are being heard, and I don’t feel under pressure all the time. I really enjoy our team meetings, as we discuss a lot and support each other well. It’s a better way of doing things and makes me feel valued as a team member.”

Although flexibility is important to Shirley, she has also found that her passion for care has returned. For her, a good day at work means knowing that “the people we support are happy with the care we’re providing for them”.

We asked Shirley what she would say to someone who’s thinking about starting a new career with us. Shirley said:

“Go for it! You won’t be disappointed. The opportunities are great, and you will totally enjoy it.”

If – like Shirley – you’re looking for a family-friendly career where you can make a real difference too, visit our Careers Hub to learn more about working for us.