We’re committed to having diverse teams, and we’ve been thinking about what matters to different generations and how we can best support them. This is important for the sector as a whole, as most people working in care are from the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation; and it’s crucial to attract new people from Generations Y and Z in particular, which are under-represented. 

Working consciously towards this goal helps us to make sure that we are supporting diverse generational differences when we look at recruitment, work-life balance, development and opportunities to flourish and grow at Wellbeing Teams.

This graphic shows the different Generations in Wellbeing Teams, social care (based on data from Skills for Care) and the NHS.

Visit our Careers Hub to find out more about how we work and to hear our team stories, or read more about how we are working to recruit people from all generations on this blog post from our CEO, Helen.